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Premises Liability

Owners of real property and people who operate businesses must keep the premises in a safe condition. When a visitor is injured by a dangerous condition, we recover financial losses, funding for future medical expenses and compensation for pain, suffering, impairment, disability, disfigurement and inconvenience. Some common examples include:

    • Slip or trip and fall injuries
    • Stepping or falling into a concealed or camouflaged hole or skylight
    • Falling due to broken stairways, railings, furniture, or structures
    • Being hit by broken structures or fixtures



      • Photograph the dangerous condition
      • Write down the date, time and location of the incident
      • Call the police and ask for an incident report


      • Report the incident
      • Request a copy of the report

Early Legal Consultation

      • Preserve essential evidence
      • Determine who may be responsible
      • Minimize out of pocket medical expenses


It depends on the location and what caused you to slip. Seek a legal consultation to find out what recovery may be possible.

It depends on the results of the investigation. Seek a legal consultation to find out what recovery may be possible..